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Judges' comment:

Gillian photographs plants in a way that reveals their unexpected geometry and design. Many of her images are truly original, arresting and never to be forgotten. If the role of an artist is to show us things that we have not noticed before, she has succeeded.

 Comment from a recent client:
"Superb work ... my husband and I were fortunate enough to view your wonderful work at an exhibition ... we were thrilled with the intricacy of the images we saw, and the way in which you capture something seemingly familiar in ways that make them both alien and beautiful." 

Comment from Aldeburgh Camera Club Chairman:'

'You scored (metaphorically) very highly last evening, and everyone greatly enjoyed your presentation. Thanks for the work you put into your preparation.'

Seeking art in the natural world  

 Field poppy Papaver rhoeas

I describe myself as an artist who takes photographs of the natural world and I see my images as fine art. Nature for me is the spirit of life and I am truly inspired by it. It is its power to amaze that draws me in close: I'm interested in capturing the 'little' wonders it presents. Much of my work, as a consequence, involves using macro lenses. It is important to me to capture detail, I am a detailed person. Presenting what is familiar, or indeed unique, from a slightly different perspective is my aim, be it a twisted petal, or a balancing insect. My particular passion is plants, especially wild ones https://www.gillianplummerphotography.co.uk/node/28 and medicinal ones https://www.gillianplummerphotography.co.uk/node/31, these are the source of nature's remedies and magical mythical tales.

Being surrounded by nature is the main reason I choose to live in Suffolk.

  Field poppy Papaver rhoeas

My images appear in international and national newspapers and magazines, calendars, cards and books and are also used in design and advertising, e.g. Financial Times, Country Life, Waitrose Magazine, Octopus Publishing, The Garden. I exhibit my work nationally and internationally, e.g. The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, The New York Botanical Garden, The Gallery Mayfair, Royal West Academy.

Commercial image libraries stocking my work are www.gapphotos.com and www.flowerphotos.com , where I am the current 'featured' photographer.

To see my award winning images click on https://www.gillianplummerphotography.co.uk/awards.

Images in Exhibitions can be seen on https://www.gillianplummerphotography.co.uk/exhibitions.

I am a member of the Garden Media Guild and also the Professional Garden Photographers' Association and more of my work can be seen on their site http://www.gpauk.org/portfolio_images.asp?id=124&uid=138 .



Photography is my second career or perhaps a therapeutic antidote to the first. I have worked in the field of Education for most of my life and the greatest struggle within this arena continues to be the huge "inequality" of both opportunity and outcome for the millions of children living in poverty in England. Poverty and underachievement was the focus of my PhD, which was published in book form by Trentham in 2000 "Failing Working-Class Girls", http://www.amazon.co.uk/Failing-Working-class-Girls-Gillian-Plummer/dp/1858561736. (It is biographical and autobiographical.)

One of my very earliest job references stated, "may be somewhat of a rolling stone", this was very observant. Whilst staying mainly within education and seeing it as a key to the way out of poverty, I have been an Ofsted Inspector, a Truancy & Disaffection Project Co-ordinator, a University MA tutor and Equal Opportunities Training & Development Officer, a Senior LEA Adviser, a Senior post doctoral Researcher at the National College of School Leadership (nlg) and finally, I trained as a Corporate Business Image Consultant. Amid these roles and needing a different kind of challenge, I flew off to work for the Ministrer of Education in Oman in the Arabian Gulf. For two and a half years, I worked on the setting up of a national system of School Evaluation. On my return in 2005, I wrote an academic paper describing my experience, Beyond the doorstep: Arabian (k)nights and personal nightmares: a working life in Oman, Changing English Vol. 12, University of London Institute of Education, April 2005 (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080  /1358684052000340461#preview). I have also worked briefly in Qatar and Benghazi, Libya. Published author.

It was whilst I was living and working in Oman that, I started writing illustrated, feature articles using my photographic images. I love to travel and experience other cultures and have since produced photographic books of my visits to Uganda, Madagascar, Costa Rica.

  Book: Madagascar Moments Remembered - can you spot the little baby's head?

A sample of books with my work in

International Garden Photographer of the Year

 How Artist see Nature, Green Pebble

The Artist in Our Midst 2: East Anglia, Green Pebble

 Email: gillianplummer@btinternet.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gillian.plummer.52

 Linked in: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=8771492&trk=tab_pr

 Twitter https://twitter.com/gillianplummer3

  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gillian_plummer/

  My Professional Garden Photograhers' Association Portfolio: https://www.professionalgardenphotographers.com/portfolios/gillian-plummer