Papaver rhoeasCornu aspersumA lacewing (Araneus diadematus) is winding its threads around a common green lacewing (Chrysoperia carnea) Candy-stripe spider on Monarda fistulosa Dionaea muscipula gNatrix natrix Enoplognatha ovata in cotinus leafChrysolina americanaSnail rests on Osteospermum 'Giles Gilby'Garden snail visits Nasturtium flowerCoccinella septempunctataon on new bramble shootsEmpty chrysalis case of Cabbage White butterfly (Pieris rapae) on sedge leafLeucanthemum vulgare with Harmonia axyridisThree ladybirds on Worcester appleCabbage white chrysalis (Pieris brassicae)Cabbage white chrysalis (Pieris brassicae)Polyommatus icarusSylvilagus floridanus eating Trifolium dubiumGrey  squiirrel Sciurus carolinensisTipula paludosaLeptophyes punctatissima on OsteospermumEchinop bannaticus 'Blue Globe'Hoverfly visiting Lobelia 'Sapphire'Vespula vulgaris

Wildlife in the UK


It is fascinating to watch small creatures moving around in their world. Take squirrels. As I watch, these small creatures are scampering around and in a matter of seconds they are up the tallest of trees whilst holding on to partly chewed nuts. Never missing or slipping even on the thinnest of twigs, they jump with ease from tree-to-tree 20 or 30 feet up off the ground. I stand admiring their strength and agility. On finding a safe rest place they sit poised with their tails curled up their back. Such elegance. Very soon they are down on the ground again busily hunting for buried nuts hidden underneath the leaf litter. Such is their success, I soon see them nibbling away voraciously taking very tiny but quick bites. In between eating are the play fights, which look great fun.